about me.

Hi, I'm Ian Koech, a Software Engineer and User Interaction Designer. Here's a bit more about me.
Besides from my love of all things tech, I also love all things motoring. I love working on cars (and driving them of course) and I am deeply interested in Automotive Software Engineering I poke around ECU's and engines in my spare time. Naturally, I also fell in love with racing said cars, albeit in a simulator :). I love finding out how far to its limits a machine can be pushed, even in sim games. Pictured is a BMW E30 interior, one of my favourite cars.

I am a continuous learner. Learning for me equates to exploring new ideas and growing as an individual. I just cannot imagine my life devoid of design and code. Design encompasses the creative element and also the logical. I try as much as possible to `design` solutions to problems as this guarantees that any given solution does not cause more problems.